The following represent additional materials, books, articles, cds, websites, and video clips, presented for your pleasure and convenience. It is by no means a complete listing of all works or sources on Asian musical, artistic, performance traditions. It continues in the spirit of our "Materials for Inspiration" section and is intended to serve as a reminder of the richness and variety of musical instruments and performance traditions in Asia. The challenge still remains: Are you creating contemporary art that forms some sort of dialogue or convergence with Asian musical traditions?

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Khmer Traditional Music

Chinese Kunqu Opera

List of Chinese Musical Instruments

Chinese traditional instruments/music

The Chinese pipa instrument, The Metropolitan Museum
of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

The Chinese qin instrument, The Metropolitan Museum
of Art Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

Music India Online

Music in Java, Indonesia

The khaen instrument, Laos

Making the khaen instrument, Laos watch

Korean Bongsan talchum (mask dance)

Korean Samul nori (percussion music)

Lao Classical Music

Lao Music, diverse genres with video clips

The Lao Rocket Festival, NIU's Center
for Southeast Asian studies

Myanmar traditional music

Traditional Music of Southeast Asia (information on music
of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, "Myanmar," Malaysia,
Indonesia, and the Philippines)

Pop/Contemporary Thai (sampling online)

Vietnamese Music (music and video)

Wang Fei, Director, North American Guqin Association

Wu Rujun, Peking Opera performer of female roles, actor,
and musician of the jinghu, a two-stringed bowed instrument
"New Peking Opera Adds Kabuki, Ballet." Shanghai
Daily, Nov. 28, 2007.

Wu Rujun, Peking Opera performer of female roles, actor,
and musician of the jinghu, a two-stringed bowed instrument
Global Times, Jun. 9, 2009


Balinese Traditional Music

Gamelan Cenik Wayah, CW Ubud Bali, PKB watch

Gamelan Gong Kebyar from Bali watch

Burmese (Myanmar) Traditional Music

Brass Gong (Maung Saing) watch

Orchestra and Dance performance watch

Yadano Oo, Burmese Harp watch

Saing Waing, Pat-waing watch

Puppet Dance, JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance watch

Village musical dance, "U Shwe Yo & Daw Moe" watch

"Mani Sandar," Poe E. San watch

Cambodia Traditional Music and Performance

Apsara Dancers, JVC Anthology of World Music and Dance watch

Traditional music performed by land mine victims, Angkor Wat watch

"Kun and Phoung Wedding (The Groom's Processional)" watch

Buddhist monks chanting ceremonial blessing, Kandal Province watch

Khmer New Year 2011 watch

Chinese Traditional Music

Guqin (stringed zither) watch

Pipa, performed by Liu Fang watch

NIU Chinese Music Ensemble watch

Chinese Contemporary Pop with
Elements of Traditional Music/Theater

Lee Hom Wang watch

Lee Hom Wang watch

Filipino Traditional and Contemporary

Pandanggo sa Ilaw: Filipino traditional dance watch

Pandanggo sa Ilaw: Filipino traditional dance 2 watch

Grace Nono, contemporary folk watch

Indian Performance Traditions

Classical Hindustani sitar, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee watch

A modern Lavani performance watch

Rajshri Marathi's Media youtube channel,
including clips from Indian musicals

Rajshri Marathi's Media 2 watch

Indonesian Traditional Music

Javanese gamelan, "Ketawang Mijil Wigaringtyas"
performed by Marsudi Raras from Delft

Javanese gamelan, Gamelan Kusuma Laras, in New York watch

Ramayana, Golden Deer excerpt, Central Java watch

"Mission Impossible" music ala Gamelan, Kua Etnika watch

Classical Performance Traditions in Japan

UNESCO provides excellent descriptions of gagaku
(Japanese Imperial Court Music), nôgaku (or Noh theater),
bunraku (Puppet Theater), and kabuki theater

Gagaku watch

Kunaicho website – Gagaku music
(Japanese Imperial Court Music)

Nôgaku Theater watch

Bunraku (Puppet) Theater watch

Kabuki Theatre watch

Folk Traditions and Festivals in Japan

World Heritage Gokayama of the Four Seasons,
In the Evening of Spring (traditional folk dance and
folk song [minyo] from Shirakawa-go and Gokayama)

Aomori Nebuta Festival, 2007 watch

Nôryô Bon Odori watch

New York Tokyo Ondo Bon Odori watch

Japanese Dance-Bon Odori (Bon dance at the
2006 Japanese Festival, Missouri Botanical Gardens)

Japanese Taiko (Drum)

Kodô, Japanese taiko drumming watch

Kodo - "O-Daiko" watch

Ondekoza (Demon Drummers) watch

Ondekoza (Demon Drummers) 2 watch

Traditions Evolving in
Japanese Contemporary Music

Yoshida Brothers watch

Kitaro, "Sand" watch

Pop music with Okinawan
(Ryukyuan) folk elements

Begin, "Sanshin no hana" (2006) watch

Alfredo Casero, "Shima uta" watch

The Boom, featuring Miyazawa Kazufumi watch

The Boom, featuring Miyazawa Kazufumi 2 watch

Natsukawa Rimi, "Hana" watch

Nenes, "No Woman No Cry" watch

Nenes, "Hiyamikachibushi" watch

Ry Cooder, "Going Back to Okinawa with Shoukichi Kina" watch

Korean Traditional Performance

Lion Dance watch

Traditional court dance, Yeon hwa mu (Lotus flower dance) watch

Traditional Dance for Peaceful Reign, Taepyeongmu watch

Drum dance,  Samgo-mu (three drums) watch

Drum dance,  Ohgo-mu (five drums) watch

Drum dance,  Chilgo-mu (seven drums) watch

Traditional Buddhist dance, Seungmu watch

Traditional Buddhist dance, Seungmu 2 watch

Female percussion dance, Jango-chum watch

Female percussion dance, Jango-chum 2 watch

Female percussion dance, Jango-chum 3 watch

Female percussion dance, Jango-chum 4 watch

Fan dance watch

Fan dance 2 watch

Fan dance 3 watch

Traditional folk dance, Kgang Kkgang Sul Rae watch

Traditional percussion music, Samul nori watch

Pansori, Sarang-ga (Love song- a part of Pansori Chunhyang) watch

Traditional Shamanic Dance, Salpuri watch

Lao Traditional Music

Hmong flute, Ger Xiong (from watch

Early Hmong Music, Ib Lub Neej Tshab watch

Traditional dance watch

Traditional dance 2 watch

Traditional dance 3 watch

Traditional dance 4 watch

Malaysian Performance

Jambatan Tamparuli, Dance from Sabah (Borneo) watch

Dance, Kota Kinabalu watch

Zapin Tenglu, Johor's Heritage Foundation dancers watch

Contemporary Pop singer, Siti Nurhaliza
Prajna-paramita Hridaya Sutram (Heart Sutra), Imee Ooi

Thai Traditional Music

Traditional Puppet Theater with classical music watch

Fong Naam, music based on Thai classical ensemble watch

Classical Piphat orchestra watch

Krakatau, "Barala Duit," music with gamelan influences watch

Traditional Northeastern Thai music, Lao Mor Lam watch

Khon, classical Thai mask dance watch

Thai Sri Chai Singha Dance watch

Tibetan Traditional Music and "Soundscapes"

Buddhist Chant, Shar Gang-Ri Ma watch

Vietnamese Traditional Music

Hue Royal Court Music (Nha nhac cung dinh Hue) watch

Traditional music (Ca tru), where music and poetry meet watch

Folk Song, Quan ho lung lieng watch

Nho hue (Memories of Hue), Van Khanh watch