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Crafting Maya Identity-Contemporary Wood Sculptures of the Puuc Region of the Yucatán Exhibition Catalog

The exhibition is complemented by an extensive catalog, published by Northern Illinois University Press, that explores issues at the intersection of art, visual culture, cultural identities, authenticity, and globalization. It examines how identity is constructed, represented, and understood, both by the Puuc artisans themselves and tourist visitors, based on representations of Maya society and culture formed as the result of cross-cultural contact, mass media, and touristic promotion. It also considers the broader role of artists and the visual arts in society and the study of such art forms in the context of changing conceptions of art and aesthetics. The result is a study that furthers scholarship on arts and tourism in general, while presenting the first comprehensive examination of the distinctive artworks produced by these Yucatec Maya carvers. Within the catalog a series of essays by Janet Berlo, Christopher Steiner, Quetzil Castañeda, Jeff Kowalski, and Mary Katherine Scott provide individual examinations of Native American, African, and Mesoamerican aesthetic artifacts in relation to the issues outlined above, introducing more specialized observations and perspectives on these problems.


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The symposium is free and open to the public.

We encourage attendees to contact Connie Rhoton (, or 815-753-1474) to give us an idea of the audience size. Those who would like to purchase an on-site lunch, which will cost  $8.00, must pre-register by contacting Connie Rhoton.

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